Monday, May 18, 2009


dear oblivion,

I am hopelessly drawn for sad songs atm. i guess I'm just a bit "down and out" i don't want to use the word depressed anymore. btw I'm really hungry. there's food in the kitchen but I'd rather starve myself than think of the ever growing fats on my body. I like being skinny. No, I want to be skinny for someone.
I am such an oblivion.

Its all Ai Yazawa's fault.
Yes, blame it on that tragic writer and her fuckin sad stories.
God, I really idolize her that's probably one of the reason I'm even more depressed, her works make me feel so inferior ^.^

but I understand, she's 40+ im 17, she's a pro Imma noobie, She has Manga Studio I only use my hands. I don't even have a photoshop, human model, manga papers, or even a scanner haha poor bish. Sigh. Neh Ai-sama, can i be your apprentice? I want you to be my sensei. *sigh sigh. you are amazing. I hope I could commercialize my manga too one day. just when is that, I've no idea.

ugh imma make some tea hold on a minute.

soo where was I, oh my manga. I haven't told you about my manga yet?
my manga's main character is named Danielle Ville. A 17 year old girl on her last year of high school whose really boyish, punk, and mature and childish at the same time. I only borrowed the name from my unfinished novel (again). She's definitely not the life of party, she's a quiet short-spoken gal (unless drunk) but people find her very interesting and fun to talk to. Must be because she talks very seldom so they tend to get quite eager to listen to her.

And then the second main character is named Vesperus. :) I really love that name its ingeneous how I came up with it lol. It means The Evening Star. He is a 500 year old still very handsome vampire who is stuck within his 24 year old body. The other characters are (uhm I dont really want to say cuz its from my real life, let's just name him Manwhore. so Ville was in love with Manwhore, they're classmate, bandmate and very close friend. they are secretly inlove with each other, but Manwhore has other gf) Ville feels really stupid and at a lost w/ what to do, she's hopelessly inlove with him (blinded). Manwhore is like the coolest guy in class everything about him is cool. He plays bass, drums, keyboard, and violin.. so greedy :D and he's also stinking rich. but Manwhore isnt just a manwhore, he's a big perv, and does drugs occasionally.

The story starts with Ville's cycle of normal life. She walks home to their band practice after school, eat snack, feed the pets, lie on her bed, stare at the ceiling, think about her love, go to shower, have dinner with her parents *her parents are jolly redneck peepz)
and go straight to bed not doing her homeworks. But then in the middle of her boring blue life, hmm Vesperus appears to her room like a thief lol and Ville walks out from the bathroom and everything goes wild and then Vesperus said he was her cousin (they really were *back Romania year 1720* and he was there to inform Ville that she was prophecied to defeat this most evil antagonist vampire who also killed her parents and tried Ville to but he failed and for some reason she got preserved for hundreds of years and somehow some people found her and adopted her) Ville find it hard to beleive all that but Vesperus showed him everything she needed to beleive. But the thing is, Vesperus wanted to marry her XD incest runs in the family long time ago anyway so nobody really cares. He wants to marry her so he could uhm, 'taint' her blood and puor her some power she needed to survive and be able to defend herself from that evil antagonist *i've no idea yet what to name him*. then later, Ville would eventually fell inlove with him after a bunch of things Vesperus did to win her heart which includes living around her place, going to work as a teacher on her school, and downrating Manwhore. Well he's not really that bad, its just Ville is really blinded by his coolness and gorgeousness. After falling for Vesperus, they immediately married and fled to Romania back to their castle, then there would be a short mature scene *the honeymoon* (w/c im really anticipating too) lol. AND THEN THE WAR BEGINS.

Its gonna be pretty chaotic on the next chapter but before that, Ville will have some powers testing, i.e., teleportation, which she used to sneak into her crush's house (avenged sevenfold's zacky vengeance -i figured seeing rev wouldnt be that romantic cuz he's such a pervy hihih^^).

At that time Vesperus was on his quest to find the other Jyhad players. It was his assignment given by the elders since he was the Black Hand Master afterall, so he fetch Rowan Velya from UK, Sonia Blue from Russia and what do you know Zacky Baker from the US (he was a prince in refuge, a progeny of the Gangrel bloodline leader in German).

and so the Jyhad (a blood hunt called by the elders, where vampires are called to kill a certain powerful vampire whose causing trouble and that Vampire right now is the evil antagonist i kept mentioning earlier) starts shortly after the the 5 warriors had been completed. further stories will be chaotic and idk yet if i should end it after winning the blood hunt. Im gonna expand it and put more details of course, Im going to fix the drawing in photoshop after scanning and submit it to some publisher *whom i can already foresee, would dump my story in the nearest bin or paper shredder and tell me how boring and useless my work is* LOL.

anyway, I am really gay telling all this when you could be copying this and making your own version. ugh I hate copycats. ALL YE COPEYCATS MUST BURN IN HELL. I like the story, and i would kill anyone who will mimic it, like really, i will flay their skin alive while they were staked and seated in a small mortuary fire and mutilate their body to millions od pieces. and feed it to a snake. =)

so yeah, there ya go. im off.
Imma watch Nodame Cantabile live action. see ya :P

to my
Vanity Page


01. Im one of the most BORING person I know.

02. I hate humans.
03. I am a total hermit that never goes out the house.

04. I am a very Lazy person.

05. I like being a kid and I do not anticipate growing up, getting a job, getting life. lol.

06. I'm pretty much the outcast of the group. yeah Social Anxiety Disorder.

07. Im also Paranoid, Schyzotypal and and bi-polar so please bear with me.

08. Math is the wicked antagonist to my school life.

09. Sports and I are not very good together.

10. Im a dork at heart. You probably notice that when we talk.

11. I get depressed way too easy.

12. I like dark misty rainy days.

13. Im a loner. Its just something that relaxes me. i couldn't care less if you think its loser thing.

14. I keep useless things for recycling purposes until my mom throws them out.

15. I have an army of pik-nik cans at home.

16. I forget too easily. Short-term Memory Loss D:

17. Seventeen is my favorite number.

18. My thought of afterlife is, Reincarnation.

19. I dont usually enjoy chatting.

20. Gays turn me on. I just wish they like me.

21. Im a total ice cream whore. ^^

22. I have this attraction to crazy reh-tar-ded people.

23. I probably have the carpal tunnel syndrome already.

24. I tend to skin my lips off all the time. lol.

25. I am trying hard to be a Vegan.

26. I dont like the taste of some Japanese food to be honest.

27. I like the taste of Blood however. Haematodispia

28. NEVER trust me with cooking cuz everytime i cook i turn everything into charcoal. lmao.

29. There's something magical between Tim B. and Johnny D. =)

30. Avenged Sevenfold is the best kickass band ever.

31. Im accused to be vicious and vain solely because of too much staring at the mirror.xP

32. But im not the selfish type of vain. Im probably gonna die saving someone's life someday.

33. I am indecisive. i took hours to decide which one to buy.

34. Being friends with me means honesty and that you'll receive a real lot of frankness and it could be a bit bitchy but trust me its for your good. =)

35. I am *very sorry* for being a total cheapskate.

36. I always try to make people happy but I never seem to help and only makes things worse instead.

37. Im a horrible explainer.

38. I am too lazy to even eat so I only eat twice a day.

39. Our House is a zoo, mental hospital and hunted house. =)

40. I like hopeless romantic people alot.

41. I wear 275 graded lens.

42. Everyone thinks I don't care but I do.. Im just good at showing like I don't.

43. I have tons of books at home that i forgot to return to someone. LOL XD

44. Im only unfriendly because Im afraid.

45. I like quiet people who always have little things to say and stutter it.

47. I am a fan of Yaoi (gay love stories)

48. Everyone thinks im a vampire.

49. Ask them why.

50.) And Lastly, YOU MUST RATE AND TALK TO ME cause when the World is Mine, and i found out that you been to my profile and downrated me, i will give you a long and painful death. =))

You probably came up right now to the conclusion that you wasted your time reading this. ^^ and by the way,
this is my vanity page so if u have a problem with what I'm saying you can talk into this thing right here here.


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