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The Chessboard Killer : Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin born 9 April 1974 in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, also known as the "Bitsa Maniac" and the "Chessboard Killer", is a Russian serial killer. He is believed to have killed at least 48 people and up to 61–63 people in southwest Moscow's Bitsa Park, where several of the victims' bodies were found.


Pichushkin committed his first murder as a student in 1992 and stepped up his campaign in 2001. Russian media have speculated that Pichushkin may have been motivated by a macabre competition with Russia's most notorious serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted in 1992 of killing 52 children and young women in 12 years. Pichushkin has said his aim was to kill 64 people, the number of squares on a chessboard. He later recanted this statement, saying that he would have continued killing indefinitely if he had not been stopped. Pichushkin primarily targeted elderly homeless men by luring them with vodka. After drinking with them, he would kill them, hitting them on the head with a hammer. He then stuck vodka bottles in their skulls to ensure that they did not survive. He also targeted women, both young and old. He would always attack from behind to avoid spilling blood on his clothes. He claimed that while killing people he felt like God as he decided whether his victims should live or die. "For me, life without killing is like life without food for you" he once said. "I felt like the father of all these people, since it was I who opened the door for them to another world". Experts at the Serbsky Institute, Russia's main psychiatric clinic, have found Pichushkin irrecuperable.


this was totally wrong. I mean, I knew he only said that to get attention BECAUSE there is this survivor's video tape claiming he didn't kill all them 63 people. And everyone knows he's an attention whore, he wanted people to know he killed all of that 63, He makes sure all the acknowledgement goes to him. haha that's really childish, he even said he killed 11 more people (which he really didn't) just so the total count would increase. lmao he's cute.

Trial and imprisonment

He was arrested on 15 June 2006, and convicted on 24 October 2007 of 48 (of 49) murders and three attempted murders. He asked a Russian court to add an additional 11 victims to his body count, bringing his claimed death toll to 60 and 3 surviving victims. During the trial, he was housed in a glass cage. It took Judge Vladimir Usov an hour to read the verdict: life in prison with the first 15 years to be spent in solitary confinement. Capital punishment in Russia has been abolished in practice due to a moratorium established in 1996.


Here is the Documentary Video about Alexander Pichushkin:

I might be crazy and retarted as well but i thought he was really cool.
He was the coolest serial killer I've ever seen. I want to make a book about him someday.
I'd want to go interview him!!! omg I'd really want to meet him and let him know that I appreciate his works, although its quite brutal and unreasonable. Im so glad they didnt put him on death row. I might someday, bail him or help him escape prison so he could help me murder people too. ^^ BUT WE'D ONLY KILL VERY BAD PEOPLE. yunno, the ones causing corruptions and poverty for alot of families in my country, enjoying their mansions and ever growing bank accounts coming from taxpayers, while some are dying of hunger and unemployment or convicted for stealing money from groceries just so they could feed their family. sigh.
I really like this guy but he was all in the wrong reason. I understand he was brain damaged alright. I think I am brain damaged too, seriously... the way I think is also quite different from what other people think. =( It was sad but Im still in contact with my sanity, I'd never kill someone out of sudden rage or just for fun. He looks cute too when he was still abit young
here, i took screenshots

see? XD haha the last one was when he was threatening that little censored girl that he'd throw her in the window (from the tenth floor). ooh poor girl =( but atleast he doesnt rape the girls he kill yunno, i think that was really nice of him too. ahaha. XD what a bad person, oh the poor old men that he killed. I really hope he already changed for all these years that he's been imprisoned.
Its really weird too that all o'these killings was triggered by his beloved dog who died(so that's whats weird now huh). I understand it as well, that he is brain damaged, father left 'em when he was a baby, mother doesn't much care about his state, he's got no friends and to make it worse he's always been bullied by kids his age thinking he's retarted (cuz of that school he was in, his mother forced him to go because he became mentally ill after the accident from the swing) and the only person whose ever been nice to him, his beloved granpa died when he was only 14, so all in all, that was a really tragic life to live. If they were only more people who gave him love and support (not support to kill of course), I suppose he would'nt be able do that. >.<

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06. I'm pretty much the outcast of the group. yeah Social Anxiety Disorder.

07. Im also Paranoid, Schyzotypal and and bi-polar so please bear with me.

08. Math is the wicked antagonist to my school life.

09. Sports and I are not very good together.

10. Im a dork at heart. You probably notice that when we talk.

11. I get depressed way too easy.

12. I like dark misty rainy days.

13. Im a loner. Its just something that relaxes me. i couldn't care less if you think its loser thing.

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